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The Watermelon Master

Watermelon is believed to have originated from kalahari desert nearly 5,000 years ago.

The crop has turned out to be likeed by many people all over the world.however,few people know how to overcome the production challenges the fact which made us deep our research on how to break the barriers evolved in growing watermelons.

Information is power however expensive it is to gain but here we give you an oportunity to gain watermelon knowledge cheaply. The company is determined to reach its milestone in watermelon production and hopeful to change the lives of many farmers by creating employment opportunitiesin Africa and the world at large. as a mirror to creation of employment, one arcre shall create more than 45 job opportunities in field larbor,security hire,harvest,transport and sales personel.

Watermelon Juice taste the feeling


Masterpits is a new farming method invented by the watermelon masters which solves most challenges faced by African farmers . The term Masterpits was derived by the watermelon masters based on the fact that the farmer has the powers to decide on the size and depth of the pit depending on the crop to be planted.
Masterpits are modified planting holes which are cut to suit the crops to be planted. They are made differently depending on the crops to be planted. This method is also used to conserve soil macro and micro organism as it mostly practiced under minimum tillage. It reduces threats of soil erosion mineral leaching and soil toxic.

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